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It’s the day before Thanksgiving at the local cosmetic surgery clinic.  Chuck Binder, the head of the clinic, is practicing how to fire Ms. Goodee, the pharmaceutical rep.  His secretary, Stella Dora, believes he means to fire her and, having harbored a deep passion for her boss for some years now, feels a need to express herself - violently.  Meanwhile, Dr. Martha Ndugu is preparing a turducken - a chicken inside a duck inside a ... or does the duck go in the chicken - anyway -  for her boyfriend, Dr. Wang.  However Dr. Wang is more interested in the pills in her pocket than where to put the body of his last patient.  Jeff Holliday is sitting in the waiting room with his wife, Brenda.  His balls won’t stop expanding.  Vivica Bog, having the misfortune to be in excellent health, is hoping to convince someone that she’s sick.  Phil, Dr. Binder’s right hand man, is wondering how to sort out the mess in the basement where he, Dr. Martha, Wang and Binder have been running a side business selling body parts to interested parties.  Mrs. Von Shvonz, the wife of the aforementioned corpse, arrives but no one seems to know where her husband’s body is.  One dead body, two unconscious women, psycho-pharmaceuticals, failed seductions, Mr. Binder’s golf game, and one epic turkey later -

well, it is the holidays after all.